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Be more you offers multi-day brain boosting courses in Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen). With this innovative method, you’ll be working with insight in and feedback from your own brain activity. The insights you’ll get about yourself therefor are unbiased and will help you in your personal development more specific than ever. The combination of brain boosting and one-on-one coaching makes our method a universal one: whether you are working on undesired behavior or wising to further expand your talents: it’s all possible!

Track & Trace (2 days)

It all starts with our 2-day basic course. Please note that this course can help you take important steps in your personal development. Our sequel courses can be very beneficial, but are optional.

Track & Trace:

    • 2-day program on location in Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen)
    • Uses a combination of one-on-one coaching combined with brain boosting
    • In this course we will work on increasing the space between stimulus and response. As a result, you will notice the space to think about the response you want to give in a certain situation: you are more aware of your options and will less likely fall back into reflexes
    • During this module you will gain objective insight into your own current behavior through the measurement of your brain activity. You will receive your own personal flowyu profile: a visual profile that shows your current state of being in a simple and clear way.

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Travel Light (4 days)

Did you experience and complete Track & Trace and do you want to continue the overall route? Then Travel Light is the logical next step in your personal development. About Travel Light:

  • 4-day program on location in Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen)
  • Ideally takes place 4-8 weeks after Track & Trace
  • Uses the same training method as in Track & Trace: one-on-one flowyu-coaching combined with brain boosting
  • The space between stimulus and response that you’ve created during Track & Trace will increase and secure: peace and trust finds its way to make sure you will be able to focus on your future
  • Hindering emotional triggers from  your past that still may have an influence on how you behave and the way you look at the world will be disconnected
  • During this module you will also start defining your talents and mission/vison, how you’d like to contribute in both work and private life. In Travel Light you will further pursue your process to make sure you will be able to act successfully on the insights you’ve gotten from Track & Trace (not just knowing how to do it, but actually do it). Experiences from the past will find its place through a combination of brain boosting and coaching without having to over-psychologize. A certain space and peace arises, you will be able to use your core talents without internal obstructions: the ‘brake’ is gone

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Fast Forward (3 days)

The third step in a full course is ‘Fast Forward’. The previously created space will be used to further build on talent, goals and to help you further develop specific choices for the future. Your inner brake has been tackled: let’s fast forward to your dreams on the horizon!

About Fast Forward:

  • 3-day module on location at Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen)
  • Ideally takes place 10-12 weeks after Travel Light
  • Uses the same training method as in Track & Trace: one-on-one flowyu-coaching combined with brain boosting
  • Now that emotional burden from experiences from your past no longer troubles you, you can focus on talent development, goals, dreams
  • Which specific choices fit who you are and what you want?

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