Develop behavior, quickly and lasting, with brain boosting

We don’t know who you are, but what we do know is that you too are struggling with experiences from the past that cause your behavior to be ineffective every now and then.

It’s very clear to you how you’d like to develop and you want to do it. In reality this is easier said than done: the habits you’ve developed are hard to break and replace by something better. You want to, but you can’t seem to keep the changes permanent.

Why is brain boosting fundamentally different?

We’ve developed a powerful and universal program for deliberate and lasting talent development. We do this by:

  • Measuring brain activity. Through this we will quickly and objectively gain and share insights of your current state of being in a visual (our flowyu profile) and verbal (corresponding report) way.
  • Creating awareness about your current triggers through real time measuring of and feedback from your brain activity.
  • In our individual custom programs we focus all of our attention and energy on your development.

This is what makes our flowyu method the most effective and efficient way to say goodbye to ineffective behavior, reach your full potential and accelerate your personal development.

What will you gain from participating?

  • You will quickly gain insights into your current talents and room for development through objective measuring of your brain activity
  • You will ‘comfortably go out of your comfort zone’: seamlessly effortless you will address your main growth themes
  • You will have a few days to fully pay attention to yourself: ultimately the most important person
  • You will experience and secure a feeling of inner peace and balance, so it can function as a lasting inner benchmark afterwards
  • Instead of acting out of frustration you will be able to accelerate from acceptance.
  • Maximum impact and results because of our individual custom programs
  • Because of your stay at a four star hotel in a beautiful area you will not only go through a super effective learning experience, you will also feel like you’re on a very nice mini holiday.
  • Fundamental decrease of stress and, through that, an increased self-awareness.
  • Rock-solid guaranty for results: if you are unhappy about the results after your two-day flowyu module Track & Trace you will get your money back.

Yuri van Geest“This program goes to the essence: feeling, experiencing, realizing instead of thinking. The rest is not the point. This is the foundation of true self-awareness and transformation.” Yuri van Geest, Author of Amazon bestseller Exponential Organizations / Founder of SingularityU the Netherlands

Who went first?

We are allowed to have trained and helped hundreds of participants since 2010. The vast majority of them professionals from all sorts of companies (stock market listed corporates, small and medium sized enterprises, freelancers, governmental organizations) on all possible levels (trainee, employee, manager, board member) and all sorts of positions (marketing, sales, HR, logistics, finance, entrepreneur, innovation). You will find a selection of the references we’ve received on the website.

What do all or our unique participants have in common?

The amount of themes that participants have worked on is at least as big as the total amount of participants. At the same time, in the end it’s usually about a single universal subject: how do I reach my full potential and feel good about it? You’ll learn how to take steps in this process that are quick and lasting. First, you may be interested in a model we’ve developed (The Top 5 of Life) in which the five essential conditions for happiness are presented. Nice to know and a powerful tool to guide your choices:


The Top 5 of Life

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